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The Hives: the saviours of rock and roll

Garage rock has not lost its guts. After listening to the recent album Lex Hives, there is no other way but to say this. Connect the guitar straightness of AC/DC with glam rock catchiness and here we are, with an good old guitar sound. As you can see, the Swedish can play not only ice hockey but rock and roll as well. 


The Hives: Lex Hives
Formate: Audio CD, MP3 download
Released: 2012
Label: Disques Hives

Comeback of the Hives has been a successful one. Pelle Almqvista, who is aside from punk rock black and white colours the leading figure of the band, dominates the sound with his crazy guitar performance. The Hives can compose very a well catchy song supported by explosive hard rock riffs relying on repeatable stereotypes and garage roughness. 

Yes, it is very important to compose songs hardly, quickly and very loudly, which is a leading motto of the band. On the other side, I have to mention that they have not lost track with their own music creativity and ironic lyrics. The texts are smartly honest and sarcastic, which is confirmed by I Want More – shameless hymn about richness and unashamed pursuit of money. The songs vary also when it comes to arranges and melody lines, which are pleasantly used a lot as in the old times in The Hives.  Here and there they notice a dirty blues like in the case of Without The Money. The glam punk message has still something to offer – it serves civic non-aesthetics in a fast rhythm and pulls an anarchy face around himself, especially when it comes to the older corrupt generation they would like to wring their neck.

Firstly, Lex Hives is a proper party. It pleases the advocates of garage rock and sets a high standard to such bans likes The Strokes or Vines, whose train has actually already left. All in all, The Hives have grown up to a wild beast of rattling guitars and vocal wildness that pleases not only when listening to the album but at a raving party at a live concert. And that is what it is all about, on the first place. 






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