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Adele: Greatest Hits

Let´s not be jealous. The success of Grammy Awards winner Adele is well deserved, no matter she has published a Greatest Hits album after the release of two records only. True, she is not in her sweet nineteens’ or twenty-ones ´ anymore, however, she is still pretty young to sing in such an experienced and mature way. And we should also mention the millions of her sold records as well as many radio hymns that have run over the established pop music brands even though Adele is counting on a well done comeback of nu-soul.

Adele: Greatest Hits
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012

Thanks to Adele, the golden sixties era has not been over yet. Would you guess that the spirit of Janis Joplin or Motown can be reincarnated into a fatty girl being able to perform through her soul a deep sadness, happy optimism, hope or pure despair to all the world? A sincere confession of unhappy love is performed in a much better way than from fancied Duffy or always stoned Amy Winehouse. There is an undesirable portion of emotions in every tone or beat. One cannot but salute to a touching ballade or a dancing gospel piece where Adele has managed with such a simple instrumental support and modest production (although Rick Rubin and Paul Epworth are masters of their job) to create deep and good songs that do not sound in vain.

Adele´s style can be recognized by strong melodies supported by her original phrasing, the string section and swinging intimate melancholy. Adele´s touching performance can easily move a fan of soul as well as a rock matador who can appreciate groove and really great rock´n´roll drive. There is an elegant piano, R & B rhythm and theatrical sentiment present almost in every song, her cracking voice sounds like an unguided missile that follows its own trajectory without any cliché. Let´s believe that Adele´s thirties will bring another bunch of real music pearls in “a blues of a woman in giant skirts“ style.




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