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Deep Sabbath: Who Cares… (Audio CD)

Last year all fans of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath were expecting the project WhoCares, where two big names of the hard rock scene got together; Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi. Although the couple haven’t recorded a full album, it surely collected rare songs that remained forgotten on various solo albums and occasional projects. And there is plenty to listen to now.


Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi: Who Cares
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment

While Black Sabbath always played in a cold metal way, Deep Purple radiated optimistic vitality of the flower children who liked combining rock with classical music and musical masquerade. That alone is a good reason to listen to both anti poles of hard rock together. Here we get not just devilish sound of metal´s grandfather, but also a lightened tone of Jesus Ian Gillan full of blues, poetism and softly screaming vocals. The crashing introductory Out Of Mind deserves our attention only for all the various guests. Apart from the two main actors, the bass is in hands of Jason Newsted from Metallica, the drums clang under the sticks of Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden, second guitar plays Linde Lindstrom from the Finnish HIM (in fact he belongs to Iommi´s family as he lives with his daughter) and the keyboards sound under the fingers of a recently deceased Jon Lord from Deep Purple. A typical Sabbath composition followed a period of Born Again, the only Black Sabbath´s album with Ian Gillan singing that has until today been perceived as the hardest piece of music of the band ever and it got quite a lot of space at the selection (Zero The Hero or Trashed).

On a similar note sound other track Holy Water from WhoCares project where sharp riffs suddenly go hand in hand with ethnic influences and synthesizer entrées. Minor key suits to Gillanovi altogether; the feeling of destruction is magnified by an excellent atmosphere that finally reminds us of the latest albums of Deep Purple and their solo activities. Still most of the album consists of the compositions from 80´s and 90´s, when Iommi & Gillan were becoming forgotten stars of the past. So the scarily jolly Hole In My Vest might be a rarity piece only for real hard core fans, while the blues Can´t Believe You Wanna Leave Me or Can I Get Witness respect the roots of the 60´s and both songs have a timeless character. We can only hope for the best that the creepy illness of Mr. Iommi will pass soon and WhoCares will record more immortal tracks of hard rock.  






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