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Pat Metheny Unity Band

A holder of twelve Grammy in twelve individual categories put together a new star band and the result is more than satisfying. All-star formation with a saxophone and bass clarinet player Chris Potter, a drummer and a long term cooperator Antonio Sanchez and a contrabass player Ben Williams released under Unity Band an album full of contemporary jazz which goes beyond any annoying mainstream stuff.


Pat Meheny Unity Band
Formate: Audio CD, MP3 download
Released: 2012
Label: Nonesuch

Pat Metheny with his accompanying band repeated everything he celebrated fame with since the 1970s. An international star put everything on a single card which worked out well. An eponymous début sounds really flexible with a light dynamics waving in an African style using many other genres. You find a woody folk, Celtic colourful melodies, non-jazz nuances with almost funky pop energy. But what makes the recording a timeless thing is the music chemistry Pat Metheny can use so well.

The elite of the jazz world together with the new comer Ben Williams give an amazing performance; on one hand there is a routine experience of all players and traditional jazz feeling of the 1960s; on the other hand there is a pure fantasy improvisation when classical ballades are interrupted with a bop variations or swing mood. Metheny paints his colours same as Picasso; he changes electrics with acoustics, blues & funk easiness responds to Potter´s clarinet or Williams´ Latino.

All participants are fearless improvisers fighting strong and sensible solos of any length and with orchestral apical width they fear no limits while musically everyone seems equal as the gods of Olympus. From time to time there is an unclear silence between the individual tracks, Metheny´s liking various details is more than obvious. Unity Band has a bright future ahead Sbecause it is likely not their only project while the ambitions to get another Grammy award are not important.







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