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Serene Audio: escape for your eyes and ears

When searching for beautiful things, we were absolutely astonished by the Serene Audio company products. Another producer that uses natural materials to create interesting though simple speakers. As the motto of the company says: „…escape for your eyes and ears“. 

Serene Audio  is a company located in Vancouver, which enjoys carving woods and using it as a main material for corpuses of all its products. Of course, the company tries to be as ecological as it can – starting with using local products without smelly transportation and many other things the Canadians pay attention to, as you can imagine.  We were touched by the shapes of Serene Audio´s design products – as they timidly curve from simple positions to quite a cool yoga asana. 





Small speakers with parameters 17cm in height, 13 cm width and with an output of 15W are made mainly for listening from computer or as design supplement for home cinema. They cost nearly 400USD and are sold in three colours – caramel bamboo with black or white leather and natural bamboo with black leather. 





Except the height (they are almost 20cm), the speaker is almost the same as the Pebble, including the price under 400 USD. They might remind you of drolly uniforms of  Kango a Kodos  from The Simpsons when you look at the front and of killing maniacs from The Scream when you turn them on the back. A beautiful scary toy. 





Lovely curved little statue with a flower or a halberd at the end. This little thing is the tallest from all – it reaches almost 28 cm but it can be compared to its predecessors – in quality, price and colourful combinations as well. 



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