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Xiu Xiu Larsen: Dude

The XXL project has come to life.  A connection of famous American formation Xiu Xiu with Turin experimenters Larsen creates a dark visual-sound world full of epics and fragile intimacy. The result cannot be anything else but a really weird album where you can read again and again like it was a very queer pop-up….



XXL: Dude
Formate: MP3 Download
Released: 2012
Vydavatel: Tin Angel

The avant-garde project of Jamie Stewart called  „Xiu Xiu“ is a tribute to the legendary Chinese film Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl. And again, the project meets deformed beats, furious harmony and instrumental surrealism. The new album Dude is full of mathematical formulas and neurotic sci-fi future. Jamie Stewart is a madman without borders. His point is to crash a music stream as much as he can, enrich it with new computer elements, carillons and various clinking and buzzing that replaces classical rhythm or melody. On one hand, you can sense a tone of nervousness coming from postpunk aggression, but on the other he uses various peace components originating in avant-garde pop music and present them almost everywhere in the Dude album.


To make it clear from the beginning: the XXL is not just an opportunity for both sides to show off. The connection of both worlds produces benefits in a form of Faust-like song Oi! Düde, krautrock sound of organic synthesis or really decadent minimalistic Ode Krampus. And we should acknowledge that they keep their timeless character. The rest of the songs should not be forgotten as well. A classical form and indie elements (Deerhofer, Swans) cannot be denied in a synthpop fantasy Vaire (with unusual use of vocals) or grandiose trills in a dance experiment Disco Chrome. The most important are charlatan guitar riffs, immense emotions, orchestral pop pieces and classical ethos being presented in a decent intensity of home bands. Despite its real difference in geography and music, the album Dude proofs that Xiu Xiu and Larsen can find a common ground and keep up to their own shape at the same time.  




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