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Animal Collective – Centipede Hz

A new concept of Animal Collective pop is tearing all music boxes into pieces. It is as if Pink Floyd started playing a garage rock. The limits of rationality are hammered by Dadaism and surrealism and such a psycho pot a chaos transforms into order; a little bit different than the original. Welcome in the world of Animal Collective.


Animal Collective: Centipede Hz
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: Domino

Cintipede Hz is a record full of uneven patterns through which the disconnected particles are being connected in a brilliant way like if you are adding apples and pears together and then under the layer of electronic groove beats are very simple songs. A chemical reaction between the members of Avey Tareem, Panda Bear, Geologist and returning Deakin is still active so the band offers a stormy mixture of ambient, art rock and minimised freak folk, and all that done in a pompous way just as if Pink Floyd started playing a garage rock.


They enjoy shamanic dances accompanied by jumpy vocal lines and fast rhythmic only very scarcely letting out any famous bitter-sweet melody that would casually transform into a desperate melancholy. An organic electro-pop flirts with Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev or a crazy Björk. Other times the beastly Animal Collective become spiritual shepherds who in a simple music form perform a pleasant psycho pot spiced with a bit of ecstasy for us to dance to. In the song Monkey Riches the band sounds as a futuristic folklore that with a rock directness attacks the solar by a neo-psychedelic; the composition Pulleys will cradle us by broken beats and seductive pentatonic.

Centipede Hz lets no one doubt ambient-pop dressed in experimental rock can sound as hard as funky of a bass player that tears the strings with his own teeth but still can caress your soul with its unpretentious simplicity. As you can hear dancing music can be done in many various ways.








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