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Bloc Party: Four

Apart from other formations, The Bloc Party has a certain advantage. The singer Kele Okereke has such a characteristic voice that you will recognize this band miles away.You should also notice the specific sound of this quartet, which has just given us a brand new album called Four.


Bloc Party: Four
Formate: Audio CD (Deluxe Edition)
Released: 2012
Label: Frenchkiss

Almost nobody expected a comeback of this once a promising band. It was clear to everybody that Okereke had a thing for electronic music while the rest of the band preferred a classical guitar sound. In the Indie world, The Bloc Party still stands for an unpredictable and admirable band serving a pleasant cocktail of crispy guitar rock from the 1990s with typical electro pieces of the frontman Okereke and unusual harmonic arrange, which will never be of shame. Today, the band still keeps its quality. The Four album represents a comeback to their own roots as the Silent Alarm debut presents at least in its engaging heavy sound.

 The deep riffs of Russell Lissack surfing over the waves of surprising melody lines beats bruised vocals. The band sounds like a mixture of The Verve, The Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which tightens up listeners by their stumbling refrains and torn guitars. Catchy songs full of energy keep certain irritation to the entire world. Here and there, The Bloc Party has its soft and fragile moments as well – and they do sound like a cliché sometimes. Luckily, they never fall of the margins of a good taste. You can just listen to a western Coliseum, radio-style V.A.L.I.S. or neuro-hectic rude Octopus with Kele´s falsetto and you know that this disorganised chaos creates surprising music stream where a crescendo dynamics meets tons of soft details and lively energy. The Bloc Party is back.






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