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Cat Power: Sun

Sunny Cat Power? More likely partly sunny, overcast & sadness in soul. Or also Jekyll & Hyde of contemporary scene. Ninth studio recording confirms why a musician Chan Marshall, who changes folk construction into psychedelic ambience and electronics, deserves to be respected.


Cat Power: Sun
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: Matador Records

Sun is an album is filled with much melancholy, minimalism and deep rough atmosphere. Contrary to other mum that praise motherhood and cook all the same music bluffs in their home kitchen, Cat Power is looking daringly ahead. Indeed the singer got a label of a missus that is never happy since the end of 1990s and on stage behaves in a passive aggressive manner while her verses sound more realistic than other draggled Brit products that last about as long as our home “stars“ of popular music competitions. And there is a reason for her behaviour; she overcame being heavily dependant on alcohol and staying at a psychiatric department, which both reflects into her own vocal self-destruction.

Cat Power looks back with mixed feelings; anger, wrath and guilt are transformed into the fact of knowing today is certainly better than the past. Soul mourning connects with intense moments of joy, hope and forgiveness. Contrary to her past production now there is more blues or even organic sound; rhythmic section and electronics prevail. Introverted piano ballades, heart breaking stories, uneven sound where simple instrumentation meets with a loud synth pop tones are just one side of a coin. The other carries a sign of prophet humanism and respect to Woody Allen that is obvious in every music phrase of the Sun. There is a melodically pulsing Ruin, hippie garage style of Peace And Love and eleven minute long epos Nothin But Time that resembles the best by Primal Scream hosting Iggy Pop or unbelievably catchy 3,6,9. A rebel is confronting herself for what she actually does and she sure does it damn well.      








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