The house with a banana: complete AV solution

In close cooperation with architects of an interior “House with a banana” in Prague – East we focused from the very beginning on the sound parameters of individual spaces and designed furniture. During the realisation itself we were sure that everything is correctly acoustically resolved.


The centre of all media activities of the generous space is a home theatre 5.1. in the living room that is located into an atypical furniture set. The two front speakers are covered by an acoustic textile not to disturb the bookshelf design. The back channels create a homogenous field in the ceiling view. A wide-angle television can be directed accordingly due to its slanted position holder.

Apart from the main sound zone there are two more zones in the house; in a kitchen and a bathroom. Their sounding is done by the system Sonos with ceiling speakers. Any member of the house can control the whole system through a smart phone application.  

interior designer: mackovič architecture


Used equipment:


Living room:

Xavian Mia C

Xavian Duetto C

B&W ASW608

B&W CCM 684

Denon AVR 3312

Denon DBP-1611



Kitchen and bathroom:


B&W CCM684



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Domácí kino
Domácí kino detail
Dům s banánem: kompletní AV řešení
Koupelna detail

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