Hanspaulka: Home theatre 7.1 in the living room


Fullstars team task was the realisation of a complete AV solution in a large house of the villa in the Prague district Hanspaulka. The dominant became a classical home theatre 7.1. located in the largest room.

The main set of speakers is the favourite three-zonal Xavian Preludio. As for the central speaker Xavian Duetto C we designed and specifically created an atypical furniture module inside which there is, apart from the receiver and sources, also an amplifier for external speakers. The whole set is dominated by the television Sharp Aquos (only recently the largest LED in the world) with the diagonal of 203 cm. The whole living room with the kitchen and a dining room is also sounded by the ceiling B&W speakers for an ambivalent listening.

Apart from the home theatre we also installed an equipment of a small music rehearsal room with a simple home theatre into the object.  


Used equipment:


The main room:

Sharp Aquos LC-80LE645E

Xavian Preludio

Xavian Duetto C

Xavian Mia

Xavian Stand Mettalico 

Denon AVR 4311

Bose 251

Sony Blu-Ray


Pro-Ject Gramophone


Music studio:

Denon AVR 1912

KEF speakers

Samsung TV and Blu-Ray


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Domácí kino detail
Domácí kino 7.1 v obývacím pokoji
Xavian Mia
Xavian Duetto C
Xavian Duetto C detail
Na Hanspaulce: terasa
Na Hanspaulce: Domácí kino 7.1
Na Hanspaulce: jídelna
Na Hanspaulce: domácí kino v hudební zkušebně
Hudební zkušebna

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