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Where to put your AV technique? 4 tips about design hi-fi furniture

Is a cool hi-fi furniture an important  thing to you? Here is  our partner´s   Stockist  overview of 4 specially designed comfortable furniture pieces for various media players.



Conde House

Conde House is situated in a reconstructed former mill house on the northernmost part of Japanese island Hokkaido. They specialize in wooden furniture with long life functionality and esthetics. In 2000, the company has even planted an oak forest for their future products, which proves they are really serious with the sustainable philosophy of their products. However, we have to wait a little longer for the first cabinet from their own “farming” as the oak tree grows almost 80 years. While waiting, let´s be happy with Media Cabinet product designed by Ted Boerner. It costs around 6 500 USD.




The well known term “furniture unit” has received new meaning created by Italian designers from Desalto  company. By “furniture unit” we mean the special giant furniture set, which covers the whole wall and where you can put your TV set, library and grandma´s porcelain. In fact, the Desalto self standing furniture unit is a real artefact – it resembles more a painter´s stand or a picture installation module from some modern gallery. You can put TV on one side of the wall and library on the other. There is no limit of how many such stands called  Sail you put into your living -room. Simple and elegant.





Another Italian company situated on the north is called Lema  and it  is a family business of the Meroins family since 1970. It is considered to be the first Italian company producing built-in integrated furniture. Moreover, since 1981 their furniture has been sold in 37 colours through a patented Lemacolor system on markets. In fact, Lema can furnish all space you need and it will always be well designed and thought-through. Contrary to the previous piece by Desalto, the Day System by Lema is a humourous piece generous in space. The moving board is an excellent thing enabling you to hide your TV when you feel it stares at you a lot – or vice versa.






The Zeitraum  company is one of shop windows of the German design;, it´s products have been part of the official presentation during the World Football Cup in Germany in 2006. The main -and only – material is wood and the company is proud of being ecological in incomes and outcomes as well.
Specially designed  TV storage model is called Podest TV and is made of American walnut tree. There is a hole for all possible players on the right (the partitions can be moved according to your needs), which can be covered by a moving wall. It is not a spectacular invention, “just” a solid and honest work without pretence.





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