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Joey Roth: subwoofer, a new member of a ceramic family

Designer  Joey Roth has been already introduced on Fullstars in relation to his ceramic speakers. They can be bought in  pure white colour  or  in punk grey dark version  smeared with asphalt created by an “Eraserhead” of a legendary director David Lynch.  Here we come, meet a new member of this family….
A new subwoofer has been added to the whole ceramic family to make it complete; it is made of the same material that makes the sound perfect even with deep frequencies.
What makes this product special is the fact that the active amplifier is not built into a baffle as in other subwoofers on the market, but it  stands alone as a leg of a ceramic body being attached by a cable. Simple and well designed solution. Well done, Joey!
Subwoofer itself costs 695 USD, the whole collection with speakers can be obtained for 1 095 USD.
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