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Kurt Elling: 1619 Broadway (The Brill Building Project)

If you love a melancholic baritone at the background of a traditional jazz, don’t let the novelty of Kurt Elling pass you without notice. 1619 Broadway: The Brill Building Project is loaded with emotions, old school and modern approach.


Kurt Elling: 1619 Broadway (The Brill Building Project)
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: Concord Jazz

An intelligent jazz established a border between tradition and a consistent novelty. A singer, Kurt Elling, belongs into this class that due to his story-telling charisma and has been much sought out same as his female counterparts with an advantage his vocal has not aged at all and got ever more experienced sounding really perfect and true. You can spot paying a tribute Cole Porter clearly as well as tons of citing of Frank Sinatra transformed into a painful stimulation. But rather than 1930s a wild bebop with a pop rock chansons play the mail part here. Moreover the novelty is actually a tribute to the epicentre of contemporary popular music; Brill Building  that was a working place of legendary composers such as Carol King, Burt Bacharach or Hal David.

A conception doo wop and a beatnik comedy with a velvet voice? Elling adds more basses, four octaves vocal are no big deal along with a tinkling there are also an easy mood speech or a meditative reading. Together with a excellent performance of his co-players the songs sound almost majestic. A pianist Laurence Hogood accompanies in a bar way, a guitarist John McLean offers harmonic nots with angry solos, and the rhythms of a bass player Clark Sommers and a drummer Kendrick Scott provides the right early tempo. But all is ruled by Elling with his amazing modes, socio- satire and dark anger that surprisingly bases on soft details and feeling tenderness. “So Far Away” carries a broken pain, begging “You Send Me” has almost minimalistic character, “Shoppin´For Clothes” is a smiley drollery and a final Tutti For Cootie takes off a hat Duke Ellington.

1619 Broadway; The Brill Building Project simply has an idea, atmosphere and an unbelievable quality; it is one of the best albums of Kurt Elling.






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