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People People Speaker: Swedish IKEA style

The Swedish company People People has find a solution to the never ending war between home electronics and interior design by soldering “the guts”  of a speaker to a transparent plastic. A great D.I.Y. product style…


In fact, the product really is sort of D.I.Y. culture – its creators are proud of their country IKEA tradition and they present an easy package of the product, which can reach you in a small box fitting the mailbox and you can put it together by yourselves as a big advantage. Moreover, another advantage is said to be the possibility of changing the electronics inside when it gets old or when it breaks.

The whole system is wireless; there is a source cable functioning as a wifi antenna and charger at the same time. The authors work on a solution for Apple and Android and thanks to the standard jack the system works supposedly with classic old gramophones or stereo receivers.

However, the product is still in a “work in progress” stadium;  People People Speaker is not on the market yet as it is still being developed. The company offers a possibility to sign up for their  newsletter (at the bottom of the page) to be informed when the product gets on the market.  




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