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The Rippingtons: Built To Last

A front man & a composer Russ Freeman and his new band shot a new album. Those, who like the past, adore Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd and a magnificent jazz soundtracks will definitely enjoy Built To Last.



Rippingtons: Built to Last
Formát: Audio CD
Nahráno: 2012
Vydavatel: Entertainment One Music

Russ Freeman has been feeding his fans by monstrous pieces of music for twenty five years, while his handwriting is recognizable miles away. Even this time we get that weird hybrid full of smooth jazz melodies and pop joviality, major orchestrations, country & western or even heavy metal. A song collection is firmly set at the break of 1980s and 1990s; you find any music genre Freeman played during his entire carrier.

Clearly recognizable is the introductory Built To Last, that starts as a grandiose art rock soundtrack with flashes of classical music changing into electro chill ambient out of the blue. Dominant position still has a common guitar as well as in all the other songs where Freeman is not hiding under the paintings of sound walls; American Panorama with impressive chimes by Oldfield or casual Cougars & Gigolos with a Latino tempo, country solo and intimate rhetoric of Mr. Chris Isaak are surely the shining pearls on Built To Last. But Route 66 is done in traditional jazz arranges, saxophone solo of Jeff Kashiwa roughly beat everything around apart from a cabaret big band. Acoustic guitar riffs lead an imaginary fight with the purely electric ones; at least it seems so in the most controversial song Monument/Monolith, where following samples, baroque preludes, Pink Floyd-like monumentality and really quite a scary programming a la made in Japan appears a pure gravely solo of a guitar mage Zakk Wylde and it becomes obvious that crossover by Freeman probably knows no borders. Sometimes retro is really out but here it definitely deserves its reason to exist.







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