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Amphion: ollako vai eikö olla?

The tangle of letters in the title is a Finnish translation of the phrase “ to be or not to be”. A Finnish company  Amphion has changed this phrase a little bit on its website: To Amphion, or not to Amphion?


Without any doubts: “to Amphion”! We have not presented anything from Finland on Fullstars website yet and obviously, the land of thousand lakes has a lot to offer to a hungry ear. One can notice on the first sight that Amphion cares about a certain meaning of their products, which goes a more philosophical than what we have gotten used to see. Some of the sentences do sound almost like a manifesto: Pure sound should be part of everyday life! Music is everyman´s right!

The Amphion company has been founded by Anssi  Hyvönen in the late 1980s. The motto of the company is very poetical: Most forests in Finland are privately owned yet we all have equal rights to enjoy them. Music is like nature. Music belongs to all of us.

A first product he tried to reach perfection with was a column speaker Krypton, which is considered to be a work in progress till today and which continualy approaches the desired perfection. You can view all the  products on a producer´s webpage, here we have prepared the best selection for you.

Everyone has a right to go to the woods as well as to listen to music; however, even in Amphion they have not started communism yet. The column Helium 520 and the Argon 3 both cost around 2 100 EUR, the small Helium 410 can be bought for  770 Eur.

P.S. Correction: Of course we did have something from Finland here! The amazing Kaija Saariaho, in fact!



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