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Beolit 12: grandpas´s well thought out pocket radio

Do you remember the old radios at your grandparents´cupboards that  you could not touched?  That is  what I recall when I look at in my opinion the  most beautiful current BO product Beolit 12.
It is beautiful, plays fairly well (especially the bass part surprises), you can connect it to your iPhone and thanks to incorporated batteries you can take it with you to a picnic. The design consists of three materials overall – leather loop, rubberized plastic cover and aluminium grid around the circumference. A waterproof case fits perfectly to all outdoor activities. The upper desk is shaped into sort of a fender, which you may find useful if you want to put down your iPhone or keys, for example.
Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the variety of colors Beolit 12 offers (the green-gray is irresistible). The whole processing as well as the design made by excellent Danish product designer Cecilie Manz received a unique award  Red Dot Design Award.  And that indicates this “ transistor” is really a unique one.
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