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Chuck Jackson´s Big Band Blues: A Cup Of Joe

A Cup Of Joe album is a tribute to the Kansas bluesman Big Joe Turner, who brings back the cheerful spirit of the fifties era in America.

Chuck Jackson´s Big Band Blues: A Cup Of Joe
Formát: Audio CD
Vydáno: 2012
Vydavatel: Linus


“Oh God, so simple and so beautiful!“ That is what you want to scream out after listening to the collection of twelve songs interpreting the reborn rock´n´roll of the fifties. With his baritone range, Chuck is so authentic that you will see the whole beauty of a post-war R & B era. A massive wind section of The Big Band Blues has the right style of the past times; saxophones hoot, trumpets roar and horns blow like it was the Last Judgment day. A Cup Of Joe monitors with an absolute perfection all the genre applications of the legendary Big Joe. Chuck attacks with his voice intensity like an old tank Matilda from the WW II and the swinging orchestra gives balance to the ceremonial songs by a funny harmony.

A self-confident legato of Honeydripper song leaves nobody siting, Going Away Blues hides the origins of a piano blues in itself and the Sweet Sixteen cries with an accompaniment of  the wind section and a magic voice. Boogie Woogie Country Girl steps softly with some help of thundering and bubbling melodies with rock´n´roll groove – all the honest songs of the Stones or the Beatles keep a clear Kansas City influence.

Chuck Jackson´s Big Band Blues reincarnates time in a truly faithful manner and according to itself. And that should be appreciated.




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