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George Harrison: Living In The Material World

In 2001, one of the modest „Beatle“ George Harrison knocked on the heaven´s door. To commemorate 10 years from his death of cancer, director Martin Scorsese has shot a documentary film about him. And it comes to the Czech cinemas just now.


George Harrison: Living In The Material World
Director: Martin Scorsese
Formate: Blu Ray Disk
Released: 2012

George Harrison has always been considered to be the silent member of the Beatles whose introvert character made him being kicked around by the others. Was he a disregarded composer living in the shadow of a duo Lennon/McCartney? In Martin Scorsese´s film (he is the director of films about The Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan), George Harrison is pictured as a well-known pop-star though still a bit unclear for the general public. He liked eastern religions, playing the sitar or intimate guitar art, which put him to the other side from noisy Lennon or always smiling McCartney. However, they like to use Harrison in their solo projects because of his sensitive music style, which made the songs a deep testimony. And it was not just them. There is a plenty of well-known people in the documentary – beginning with the survival Beatles Ringo Star and Paul McCartney  to producer Phil Spector or Monthy Pythons whose cult film Live of Brian was financed by him once.

Living In The Material World is not just an unique film with unpublished material about screaming groupies, LSD or Clapton´s romance with Harrison´s wife Pattie Bold who he wooed away definitely. The movie is an attempt to picture this Beatle in an entirely natural aspect – his love for gardening, adoration of Ravi Shankar or playing with an old band The Travelling Willburys.






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