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John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension: Now Here This

Being almost seventy years old, John McLaughlin present a brand new collection of songs titled Now Here This. Let ´s not be discouraged by a shiny smiling portrait on the cover. This new album offers lots of improvisation rock styles in a really quick rhythm.


John McLaughlin: Now Here This
Formát: Audio CD
Vydáno: 2012
Vydavatel: Abstract Logix

McLaughlin cannot go wrong with such a company like Gary Husband (keyboard), Etienne M´Bappé (bass guitar) and Ranjit Barot (drums, Indian percussion). All these musician create an impressive team together. Do you think there might be a little of a competition between all these personalities? In fact, there is none. They do create a perfect modern modal jazz rock together with an omnipresent blues. They remember the seventies and go back to such always paying off styles like Miles Davis and especially Mahavishna Orchestra, the only qualified oppositum to McLaughlin solo production.
The timbre of it all is certainly a neurotically shivery Riff Raff with an energetic arrhythmia being an engaging adventure. The rest of the songs keep an explosive atmosphere as well – including a calming track Wonderfall or inertial slow song Guitar Love. This song prepares ground to the final majestic Take it Or Leave It where Etienne M´Bappé´s no-frets guitar rules. No doubt, the Now Here This album is a live studio record that will kick ass of all no-emotions digital technologies that try to invoke a ghost the past century.




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