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Kube by La Cox: UFO above Saint Tropez

If you are tired by hotels interiors, go to KUBE in Saint Tropez. You can admire UFO table-speakers in a hotel where one night starts from 265 Eur.

Three La Cox designers Emmanuel Ruaz, Adrien Madelon and Emmanuel Maumy were asked to create not only a set of furniture for rooms in a hotel located in the very centre of a millionaire nest at Cote d’Azur but also to design something that will play and serve as a table at the same time. Have a look at the result.

The sound system is based on 360-degree technology of sound management by French Focal and the body of the table is made of firm stainless steel. To have the necessary look when there is a sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, the surface of the table is lighten up by LED diode. It is all so…. French.

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