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Kurt Rosenwinkel: Star Of Jupiter

After two years, a jazzman Kurt Rosenwinkel is back with a new double album, where he drives his lyrical bop to the  absolute perfection.


Kurt Rosenwinkler: Star of Jupiter
Formate: Audio Cd
Released: 2012

Since the beginning of the nineties, this guitar player has reached a solid position in a jazz rock genre. Contrary to the past when he combined jazz with hip hop or electronics, he creates more or less traditional still avant garde modern arranges nowadays. There is a strong influence of John Coltrane or Allan Holdsworth notable on the Jupiter album more  than on any other previous endeavours. Author´s simple imaginations are intensified with an urgent mobility, which he repeats rhythmically to infinity. The most simple melodies are suddenly captured by robust harmonies or etheric music figurations.

A quartet consisting of the main protagonist Rosenwinkel, drummer Justin Faulkner, basquitarist Eric Revice and pianist Aaron Parks shows an atmospheric teamwork exceeding all the so far standard limits. As the first song  Gamma Band  indicates, the Star Of Jupiter is a crystalic piece of art with many uncomplicated supernatural tones. Under It All  is an airy pop-gospel,  Something, Something is a post bob in a waltz style, which makes you dance and Deja Vu represents a modal track with atonality elements. To sum up, this attractive double album Star Of Jupiter will simply command your respect.





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