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Loewe Connect ID: your personalised TV

Loewe Connect ID  is a 2012 flagship of a company whose products are synonyms for connection of perfect design and latest technologies.

The new Connect ID is not just a good looking and well playing TV set. Thanks to the Connect ID, you can get yourself connected to your home library or internet radio, read newspapers online or watch some podcast or films.


Connect ID is produced in three diagonals:  32, 40 a 46 inches . You can buy an extra 500GB HDD for TV recording or files saving. The contrast ratio is  6.000:1 / 6.000.000:1 and response of the image is 200 Hz with 5ms. Of course, you can use your 3D glasses and control it with an iPad.

A combination of main speakers is completed with a subwoofer that has been squeezed into a lower belt under the TV – the same solution as in the older product Soundprojector (which we have written about here).

The “ID” title is an abbreviation for Individual Design. In fact, your Loewe can be dressed up into five various chassis.

Finally, here comes the icing in the cake: if you want to know how your ID will look like in your interior, here is a Loewe My ID application for you. Download it to your iPhone, print the picture and stick it to the wall where you want your TV to be. Thanks to the application, you will see it right on the wall in front of you.

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Loewe ID
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