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Avishai Cohen: Trumpet: Triveni II

An Israeli artist develops his career in a really fast way. He authored amazing albums and also won a third place in a Thelonious Monk Jazz Trumpet Competition. The Trumpet: Triveni II album represents a real pearl in his discography, that is for sure.


Avishai Cohen: Triveni II
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: Anzic Records

Aviashai Cohen (do not confuse him for an Israeli contrabass player)  is really faithful to the jazz trio. Aside from his home band 3 Cohens, he introduces himself with a Triveni formation in this new album. The title comes from Sanskrit and refers to “ a place where three divine rivers flow”. Trumpet: Triveni II is interspersed with difficult harmony knots, mournful – cheerful rhetorics and Hebrew tones. With Omer Avital (contrabass) and Nasheet Waits (drums), Avishai Cohen creates unforgettable temperament compositions relying mostly on a moment of surprise.

The ten pieces shine with pureness, simple message and honesty. All is so playful here with a humorous frisky tragicomic grimase. You can feel the classic Jewish modes in Nov.30th, enjoy fragile balladic madness in Portrait or alternative jazz opus in Art Deco, where seriousness gets mixed with easy playfulness. Trumpet: Triveni II is a dignified continuation of its predecessor leaving a real joy of playing behind itself.




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