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Benjamin Herman: Deal

A doyen of the Brooklyn scene, Saxophonist Benjamin Herman, is back with another musical attempt. In his new piece you can find all the beauty of minimalistic film soundtrack and modern Dutch jazz. 


Benjamin Herman: Deal
Formate: Audio Cd
Released: 2012
Label: Dox Records

Do you think that classical methods cannot be developed according to their own rules? What a mistake. Benjamin Herman respects both the New Yorker explosiveness and the European sweet melody, which makes his new album Deal a nice atmospheric record and a great film soundtrack of  a Dutch director van Eddy Terstall. Under the strings ‘arranges of Prague Philharmonic orchestra, mutilated and partially deformed tones hides unbelievably heady melodies drawing confidently on blues and paying rhythmic compliments to rock. Various music styles get mixed in a simple sound stream resembling matador Paul Weller, Herman´s favourite beer mate.

Electronic organ plays with guitar in a Morricone´s spaghetti western rhythm (Sara Said), saxophone sings a sad song and shows unbelievable tricks in a relaxed rhythm. Irresistible, dance, optimistic funky bass guitar matches with energetically blurred drumming, smoky guitar performs lively with a bunch of humour and invention in a tragicomic piece Wants Out. Not speaking of the intro named Deal, Main Title (Movie Version) where you can find the lost aesthetics of the 30s. Shortly, Deal album is a great “baby” of Benjamin Herman, whose future will certainly be marvellous. 







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