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Bonbonus by Xavian: pay less, get more

Famous speaker producer Xavian, known for its craft quality and unbelievably perfect sound for reasonable cost, has decided to address the new generation. Therefore, a new series of products called Bonbonus was designed in such a smart and economic way so that every music lover could afford it.


Despite its low price, Bonbonus offers the same traditionally produced baffle as you can find in the most expensive pieces by Xavian. There is a very nice variety of colours available chosen by Roberto Barletta, which copies current design trends; it should not be a problem to find the right shade matching exactly your sofa or furniture.
Aside from new colours, it is also possible to obtain Bonbonus in traditional veneers that Xavian offers also for other model series. Finally, we were impressed by the front grid fastening solution. The grid holds itself with magnets and if you remove it no ugly black inserts peep out. Simply, Bonbonus is beautiful even without a grid. La vita in musica!

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