Charlie and the Linn high-end systems factory

After entering the doorstep of a Scottish factory of the Linn company, we felt a bit like the Charlie from the Roald Dahl´s novel. Read the whole Fullstars reportage from the place where the real jewels are born.


In 1985 Mr. Willy Wonka, known as Ivor Tiefenbrun, hired a team of British architect Richard Rogers (most known for his Lloyds Building) to design a factory in a beautiful countryside near Glasgow for some of the best high-end products of the world. Linn Products, known for their gramophone Sondek LP12 and various patents in a hi-fi world actually needed to centralize and automate their production as much as possible. Rogers succeeded in placing the building to a huge land in such a smart way that you will basically not see it from a distance. When driving through a dramatic Scottish countryside, it will suddenly peep out on you from the woods right when you stand in front of it. In fact, here they really “create” the things, not just “put them together” as is usual in many  business rivals´ factories. Therefore, we have begun our visit in a metal workshop, pass through printed circuits production, had a look at a development department, stopped by a giant automatic assembly shop and before listening to the final products, we did enjoy a local renowned canteen.



It is almost unbelievable to see all the production processes altogether as they logically follow each other. There is nothing but a massive aluminium desk at the beginning and it all ends up with a complete amplifier being packed into a box. There are automatic little machines riding through all this parts and supplying the production with new pieces and taking away the completed ones. I was so looking forward to meeting some Oompa-Loompa but this whole place is run only by smiling communicative and natural Scots. I have never been to such a positive and harmonically looking factory.

In the end, we are ready to experience the whole Linn listening system in a beautiful acoustic space furnished like an apartment, which makes it easy to imagine each of the piece at our real homes. Having listened the most expensive Linn set with Klimax speakers in a reference hall there is no doubt these Linn machines are our cup of tea. And that is why we will introduce you this amazing world with Linn logo step by step here on Fullstars website.

Do you know that Linn Sondek LP 12 gramophone (that has been a source of reference to many respected reviewers) is also created in this high-end factory since 1972 till today only with minor innovations?

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