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Joe Cocker: Fire It Up

This 68-year-old singer has released his 23rd album full of his “bests”.

Joe Cocker: Fire It Up
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012


Born in Sheffield, Cocker still keeps his magic the same way as does Santana or the Soul Collective; maybe it is also because of his royal producer Matt Serletic, who cooperates closely with all these musicians.
He is a man of blues rock, emotional story teller whose voice creates in combination with swinging guitar riffs and peaceful keyboards contrary colorful pictures and strong charisma, even though his voice is already a little exhausted one. The biggest inspiration of all twelve songs are the 60s, when Cocker co-produced the traditional rock´n´roll world where he has been playing a role till nowadays.

The first song  Fire It Up is already a really quick one. He plays in a dynamic contrast supported with female vocals and bunch of supporting musicians who play part right in the next track called I´ll Be Your Doctor. A pure big beat is important not only in fast songs but also in balladic appeals in You Love Me Back or Younger, where an acoustic guitar comes on the stage in otherwise classic rock ballads. There is also a dark heavy blues in The Letting Go. Fire It Up proves it is not a mere remembrance of the old pastimes.





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