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Shnabubula: Fading Light

Samuel Archer-Weiss called also Shnabubula is one of piano players, whose dramatic skills can connect beauty and pain in one piece without any melancholic kitsch needed. 


Shnabubula: Fading Light
Formát: Audio CD
Vydáno: 2012

His album Fading Light is peppered with surreal improvisations, jazz variations and infinite dynamic energy. No matter Shnabubula uses no other instruments but his own piano, which he plays in a clear acoustic way. Fading Light is a roller coaster ride where you experience both euphoria and despair. This piano player is unique in his intensity; he can be a passionate lover as well as a provocative chanson singer. 

Turning Point is an emotional piece with glassy and fragile melody, which changes immediately into a dramatic varying rhythm keeping on mind that waking up and catharses are just temporary terms succumbed to emotions. Kittens And The Moon plays with allegro and andante; it is a hide and seek play with feeling of loneliness being changed to a promising expectation and self-reflection. Fading Light is music of a moment, therapeutic session where listening is enough to feel the power of existence. 



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