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The Rolling Stones: Grrr!

Rock´n´roll greybeards celebrate another anniversary – 50 years on the scene.  And how to celebrate it but with a new compilation titled obscure Grrr!  with a Gorilla´s male on a cover and fifty songs on three CDs. Why should we even write about it?


Rolling Stones: Grrr!
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: ABKCO/Interscope

ou may have heard a lot about The Stones lately. A recent secret show in Paris was just a proof of the fact that these old boys are getting ready for another activity. This new Best of… should probably lure another generation that explored all the old hits thanks to the previous compilation released as a double album named Forty Licks.

Contrary to  its predecessor,  Grrr!   has an advantage of proceeding chronologically from the first single cover Come On by Chuck Berry, through the golden 60s, progressive 70s, muted 80s, reunited 90s to the current “OOs”. Each period is remarkable also because of the number of songs leaving the “current period” a little in vain with a characterless songs like  Don’t Stop or Anybody Seen My Baby?

Grrr! is released as a triple album with twelve or thirty six page booklet, on a vinyl or as an edition for the rich ones consisting of four-disc compilations (80 songs) with a bonus CD, seven inches vinyl, a poster, a photo book and postcards.




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