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Black Light Burns: Lotus Island

Wes Borland  is one of the frontmen of a rap metal formation Limp Bizkit known as the teenage band from MTV back in the millennium. However, the guitarist is also called Black Light Burn, which refers to an industrial decadent project for music gourmets.


Black Light Burns: Lotus Island
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Flying Head Music

Borland has always had a sense of abstract art. He sold his thoughts not only through commercial hits, but also via fine arts that helped lots of his friends. Lotus Island is a remarkable experiment devoted to a controversial movie Holy Mountain produced in 1973 by Alejandro Jodorowsky. A retrospective soundtrack drags listeners into an etheric world full of scary glooms and heavy instrumental rhythms. Disharmonic remixe and delayed guitars and sound loops remind you of Trent Reznor style, sensitive sad melodies are inspired by Limp Bizkit and scary corruption tastes like the weirdo Marilyn Manson. Wes Borland also performs as a confident singer in a few songs – It Rapes All It´s Path keeps a certain intensity in a refrain supported by simple sound images; a cabaret-like My Love is Coming For You gets you ready for the final ourtro presented in The Master with a horror resemblance of children´s voices. Wes Borland is close to cut himself off his past and start a new live phase of his art life.






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