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Bobo Stenson Trio: Indicum

Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson is considered to be one of the most important jazzmen of the present times. Not only he can sail through the world like a Flying Dutchman, he can also play.


Bobo Stenson Trio: Indicum
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: ECM Records

His big trio certainly deserves some respect. Any why we say big? Actually, his new album Indicum is really an unbelievable piece of art with such a modest instrumental setting: it sound curtly though surprisingly megalomaniacally. Of course, covers of classical pieces to a jazz form are not always transformed well – one step aside and a kitsch is born. You will certainly like the work with dynamics that is so characteristic for classical music – on one side there is a continuous whirling with some sound change leading a blurry melody and on the other we witness an allegory from an emotional world. There is a German composer Wolf Biermann presented, an Argentinian author Ariel Ramirez performing popular music transformed into an elegant and classical interpretation or the Scandinavians Carl Nilsen or Ola Gjello. An open mind, loyalty to the original and new approaches – that is in short the positives of Stenson´s production. An impressionistic dreaming, etheric patos as well as energetic phrasing create from Indicum a timeless record you will certainly like to listen to again.





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