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Camper Van Beethoven: La Costa Perdida

A ska-folk project Camper Van Beethoven is back with a new album titled La Costa Perdida. Don’t worry, there is plenty of music without any Celtic cliche.


Camper Van Beethoven: La Costa Perdida
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: 429 Records

There are only few bands that can use violin in their performance without risking to be considered as serious music beavers.  This band has been playing since 1985 and it was always very close to psychedelia despite few ska motives and harmonic knots similar to what the legendary Jethro Tull played. La Costa Perdida album is a little pleasant mystery full of dark desert streets, nostalgic past times calling as well as gloomy country. However, you will not find any awkward campfire worn-out songs there; the frontman David Lowery studied with the best story tellers Bob Dylan or Johny Cash. The songs are full of energy, archaic motives meet relaxed rock music, self- centredness and spontaneity. Despite all of this, La Costa Perdida will still remind you of a well done rock opera.





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