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Linn Kiko: the best stream music player


Although the Linn Kiko system is the smallest and cheapest from the Linn products, it definitely has its place among other Linn machines. Thanks to its quality and great posibilities in streaming music, it won the first prize  of the magazine in stream devices over 2000  pounds last year. And there has been a tough competition among such machines like the  Uniti by Naim Audio. Thus, this must be really something special….
Kiko is a future system. You buy just one box, take two active speakers and a sexy small box out – and here you are. It plays all ordinary music files of present music. You can listen to online radio or online music like Napster etc. It can accompany your DVD or BD video with great sound and thanks to special software it can also be connected with music from the computer. If you like Air Play service by Apple – which Kiko also offers by the way – you will certainly enjoy the same comfort of this machine enabling to play every sound your notebook creates without any iTunes or cable needed.
We wrote about an interesting high-end Linn factory some time ago, the article is here.
Although small in size, Kiko produces  unbelievably strong and full sound. None of hi fi experts believes this. It is really surprising how clearly, fully and truly the Kiko player sounds. The speakers and the player itself are aluminium casts – their solidness is not visible on pictures, however, you will understand after touching them.  The player can be laid either sideways or sidelong. Once you do this, you realize all slogans and logo on display do transform accordingly. How neat!

And what else can Kiko bring to your home? It can become a part of your multiroom system, which Linn builds with its products in a long term run. You can buy an excellent music in master quality from Linn music publishing. Kiko can also become part of your home cinema and complete your TV sound thanks to HDMI connectors and perfect synchronization of sound and picture.


Fullstars is an authorised seller of Linn products in the Czech Republic.




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