Dezeen: have you met?

Dezeen is a British internet magazine focusing on architecture, runnig its own music blog with streamed music, and selling of amazing watch.

If you want to spend your leisure time in front of computer, do it in a constructive way. It is worth finding a good magazine that you can admire while consuming pictures of buildings, listening to music and peeping at accesses you never thought of. Dezeen is exactly something like that – the core of the articles consist of unbelievable buildings from all the world (have a look at Meme Meadows Experimental House for example) and design of interiors – of course, you can also spent some nice time with other sections.

There is a load magazines about architecture or design on net, but what is really special on Dezeen is their Music Project. It´s a music blog where you can send your track and/or hear what´s going on in brains of Icelandic, Hungarian or Libanonian DJs. This service has been running some year or more and during this time it crreated quite interesting library of mostly electronic music, which is definitely up-to-date.

And if it´s still not enough – check out their designer´s watch shop – the prices begin around 100 pounds so that without enough money you might feel like a real London Dandy.  A wonderful thing is also their printed production – Dezeen Book of Ideas is full of surprising and often crazy ideas beginning with a folding charger to a rubber house – all presented is a spectacular form suitable to luxury monographies. 



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