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The Walkmen: Heaven

These Indie-folk guys from New York have been on the stage since 2000.  In their new album Heaven, emotions fly together with dark beauty like we know from such bands as The Velvet Underground or R.E.M.


The Walkmen: Heaven
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2012
Label: Fat Possum

Nowadays, some band produce macho guitar pieces and one-time radio hits. This is not the case of The Walkmen – they create their image slowly and quietly. Heaven is another piece of a practice etude, which simply gets under your skin. It is but a pure joy for every trained ear to catch a delicate detail performed in the most perfect way.
A sleepy squeaky vocal with acoustic or civil electronic support creates a strong  emotional cocktail with gloomy alternative countryside surrounded by psychedelic moments of broken accords, miminalistic pucking and peace of mind. An instrumental blues, a simple kick drum or a little bit of tambourine? No, this is not a marching orchestra but a lyrical monster with funeral harmony and surprising melodies. Sometimes it is happy, sometimes it screams out of
despair. Heaven is a proof of proud musicianship, which is most vivid in pieces like   We Can´t Be Beat, Line By Line  or Southern Heart.





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