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Andre Williams: Life

Some people did not survive their drug era, some did. Andre Williams belongs to the other group; he surprisingly mixes traditional American R&B with jazz blues psychedelia.


Andre Williams: Life
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Alive Records

This  music goes back to the roots. On the first sight, the Life album may surprise you by its garage crudeness, but you can also feel the old times blues – and this atmosphere rules the whole record. Andre Williams´s psychedelic voice did (not) enjoyed a harsh life period of drinking and drugs but  he is still able to create remarkable figurations from classical rock, jazz, soul to shallow funk.
He touches the old 50s, captivating 60s, but also the 80s with their tinkling play and majesty.

Williams narrates slowly and with pathos. He creates slow blues that calls  for an applause the singer never gets. Desert show is illustrated by a weird harmony of soul vocalists, a bass guitar and a psychedelic guitar. Lo fi is so dirty with its trumpet, synthesizers or organs, it is distorted by political commentaries (blame Obama for all) and sarcastic notes. A combination of a wood archaic style and a modern garage punk pays off and you may be surprised by this man´s show. The intro Stuck In The Middle can surely be rented by Leonard Cohen or Joe Cocker. Well, some veterans just know how to grow old.




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