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Atoms For Peace: Amok

Indie fans scoring again! Thom Yorke has finally started his project Atoms For Peace, starring funky bass champion Flea from RHCP.


Atoms For Peace: Amok
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: XL Recordings

Is this Flea´s participation surprising? Well, yes and no.Frusciante´s and Klinghoffer´s  (both guitarists from RHCP) passion for electro beats or their  choice of obscure forerunners to Red Hot Chili Peppers, a strictly radio band nowadays, points to the fact that Peppers long for totally different music style than they are supposed to. However, let’s not make a mistake –  Atoms For Peace is especially a Thom Yorke´s follow up to the last Radiohead album.

Do not expect any funky rhythm or worse, a traditional folk form. Yorke produces an electro music created by real instruments – you will hear an authentic guitar, drums and bass guitar here. Actually, the etheric vocal with scary falsetto does sound a way more human than on the last piece by Radiohead The King Of Limbs. Songs have a clear form, text are readable and Yorke has suddenly no need to hide behind his alter ego; however, all is again abstract, unreal. The urgency bears an enormous anxiety in itself, the unusual melodies are the main motive of Atoms For Peace.
Amok is not an easy listening but Yorke´s participation there is much more real than with his home band Radiohead.




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