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Charles LLoyd, Jason Moran: Hagar´s Song

A saxophonist/flautists Charles Lloyd and piano player Jason Moran have proved that the very best jazz intimate improvisation can be created only by two musicians. Hagar´s Song is a beautiful and worrying record from the beginning till the end.


Charles LLoyd, Jason Moran: Hagar´s Song
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Ecm Records

This famous duo can surely avoid any cliche. Moran´s piano is not a mere rhythmical element but brings a certain charisma to the whole album by its curly sound and delicate idyllic harmonies. Hagar´s Song remembers emphatically the past times, moans with love and plays in blues. A saxophone or a flute is in a constant confrontation with the calm piano – these instruments bite into long piano pauses taking over the command and sharing declamatory the music scheme code. There is all a real jazz album should have: a bitter-sweet lyric, bebop rhythm tricks, scary atonal solos as well as a cheerful escape from the world into the inner sides of real melodies

Painful accents bear caring undertone in themselves – Lloyd devoted this piece of art to his ancestors (great great great grandmother) who had suffered from slavery. However, let´s not expect any elegies or odas, all sounds really civic and also quite sober from one´s self. Hagar´s Song is a deep album, that does not need to hide behind any concept.







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