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My Bloody Valentine: mbv

After twenty two years, My Bloody Valentine have released only a third album. The unbelievable happened. All shoegaze fans may start to quiver with excitement.


My Bloody Valentine: mbv
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013

My Bloody Valentine have never been too much active. Their started in 2007, played several concerts and stayed mysteriously anonymous as long as was possible. A cult must be strike while it still has something to say. And in My Bloody Valentine there is no shortage of reality, beat experiments and disharmonic delays covering disturbing despair.

Like the Lovelles, we face a lifeless samples with weakly vocals and guitars playing suspicious harmonies. A buried singing hides a mystery, falls into eardrums like drops of water and ripples the surface by unbelievable loops and stereotypes. The pieces are melodically difficult and hard to listen. The sound chaos changes into accord sequences and offers a wild ride through a twisted breakbeat. My Bloody Valentine are really good at surprising you from track to track. However, a clumsy rhythm disorder has a clear storyline where drum´n´bass & alternative rock create new music world. Simply, you can just marvel at mbv.




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