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The Avett Brothers: The Carpenter

Would you like a little bit of country? If so, go for The Avett Brothers that will remind you of the famous Michigan in an innovative way with deep roots in americana.


The Avett Brothers: The Carpenter
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Universal Republic

It may be a traditional country but it is romantic, full of death motives and also a funny crossover.
Of course, what else do you expect when all has been done under the baton of famous Rick Rubin. However, lines about the Death do have their realistic background – a bass guitar player Bob Crawford went through living hell when his two-month old daughter was diagnosed with brain tumour.
The Carpenter sounds sad and ominously. It does not matter whether The Avett Brothers prefer piano, violoncello, acoustic or electric guitars – it is always a lively ride here and there. Vagrancy, dustiness of dirty roads and village boorishness of some musical devices are here for a reason. However, a scary sadness puts this record to milestones that never get old – on the contrary, the older they get, the more authentic they become. Direct songs cannot do without a little rock´n´roll or hard rock signs, crystal clear songs are supported by clear solos and perfect production. The Carpenter will please not only convinced folkies, but also those listeners who appreciate difficult simplicity of americana.



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