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Jimi Hendrix: People, Hell And Angels

Jimi Hendrix is certainly one of the most productive musicians nowadays. His albums are released even more often these days than when he was alive. People, Hell And Angels album is another respectful record in the discography of this best guitarist ever.


Jimi Hendrix: People, Hell And Angels
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Legacy

It is no surprise who takes care of Hendrix´heritage and who creates new interpretations of the well known and famous songs. Producer Eddie Kramer was in everyday contact with Hendrix, he recorded every possible fragment Jimi unwittingly played. Hendrix simply loved his instrument and People, Hell And Angels is just another proof of a possible music journey this psychedelic bluesman might have undergone. A collection of twelve songs monitors the last phase of Hendrix´s production – his dream was to create colourful big band to cut himself off the previous plain sound.

With a support of Buddy Miles (drums) and Billy Cox (bass guitar), he created various songs going way behind of the traditional guitar and blues solos. He also welcomed other instruments as you can hear in Let Me Love song spiced up with saxophone; but in other songs he also uses trumpets, keyboards, percussion as well as a second guitar (Mojo Man). Of course, do not expect to hear brand new songs like in the previous record Valleys Of Neptune. Here you will also find the charming Izabella, blues opus Hear My Train A Comin´or the wooden Earth Blues that were born short after Hendrix´death. However, this novelty is quite a different, colourful and therefore remixed production.





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