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Wayne Shorter Quartet: Without A Net

Good morning, all the Jazz Masters! Wayne Shorter Quartet has set you all alive again. No wonder, the leader of this quartet is a phenomenal saxophonist Wayne Shorter.


Wayne Shorter Quartet: Without A Net
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Blue Note Records

Interrupted dreaming, magic destruction, traditional songs as well as pure postmodern improvisations – this famous composer just continues in doing what he has always been best at. There is a clear compliment to Miles Davis or Muddy Waters in his pieces. Wayne has created together with pianist Danilo Perez, drummer Brian Blad and bass guitarist John Patitucci a mystic piece of art supported by such sci-fi titles like Pegasus (almost a 24-minutes opus) or Zero Gravity To The 10th Power. This band is a lively one, full of emotions, atonal colors and seeming arrhythmia, which keeps traditional dancing elements and sensual groove. Quartet swings cheerfully (and dis harmonically) accenting bass element; they appeal to short pauses and break the integrity of songs by surreal insertions. Songs are full of victory mood, shared rhythms are sharp as a razor and low polyphony associates the feelings of fear and insecurity.
Without A Net is a dramatic piece of art full of screaming, doubts and crying blues.






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