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Depeche Mode: Delta Machine

Dirty disco is back again! And why not with a touch of the melancholic 90s, which you may enjoy mostly in a noblesse night club with a shaved haircut and a leather jacket on?


Depeche Mode: Delta Machine
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Vydavatel: Columbia

Apart from their last album Sound Of The Universe full of classic stereotypes, Depeche Mode has created their own electrified journey this time and they do sound surprisingly fresh and modern. Since the time Dave Gahan has fell in love with his solo career, DP sound even more urgently than before. A previously released Heaven has already given us a small clue what to expect. Intelligent and incredibly sad blues keeps a certain sad hope and builds on a recent collaboration with Soulsavers, with which Dave Gahan recorded a small work called The Light The Dead See. However, don’t worry Depeche Mode will not become a gospel like blues band tearing their heart with spiritual text about faith and secret fear. Aside from such songs like Violator or Song of Faith, this synth pop legend offers also sadly slow rhythm, nice bass groove and of course, some fun.

Sometimes the Delta Machine sounds like a trip hop, sometimes it struggles through a lyric fog and ominous Gahan´s chatting about failed hopes and breaking of the soul. Depeche mode have gone a long way since they have appeared on the scene for the first time and it is fair to notice that this transition from industrial to intelligent pop has been a successful one and without any pointless fuss about it.









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