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Al Di Meola: All Your Life

Is it true that The Beatles produced only simple songs? On the contrary! Al Di Meola, an old famous guitarist shows that one´s improvisation mastery can make masterpieces from simple songs in a new collection called All Your Life.


Al Di Meola: All Your Life
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Inssbruck Records

“I finished my job with this tribute to The Beatles. It was love at first sight and I have never stopped loving them. In fact, all my life. And although I have tried fusion, jazz and other styles in my career, I always knew who I owe my profession to. When I come back to The Beatles music, it means never ending party for me,” Mr. Guitar himself noted. There are 14 marvelous tracks in All My Life. Simple themes are developed into difficult arranges, long intros cherish traditional melodies Because or Michelle with Latin-American rhythms covered in noblesse figuration and funky licks so typical for Al Di Meola´s style. A virtual one man show in an acoustic style combines jazz as well as Latino moments, perfect curls flirt with classical music, traditional pieces transvestite so that no one can ever discover them – originally heavy I Will is in Al Di Meola s  production a cheerful pluck song, Day In The Life has almost a noblesse spirit and Eleanor Rigby keeps original orchestral charisma with a heavy sound. Simply, All Your Life offesr a way new look at The Beatles work.






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