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Epson EH-TW9100W: the real Full HD wireless system

The Epson brand is proud to be one of the high-end producers of projectors. Moreover, with their patents the Epson is way ahead. This can all be said about the highest model  EH-TW9100W.



Lately, we have installed and projected many home cinemas with various projection technique. We usually used the highest models in the installations. All producers try to catch your eye with various functions and unbelievable detailed options of image setting. Their marketing is very similar and soon or later, some companies take over the ideas and patents of the others.


However, Epson seems to be a different brand. It does not bother you with senseless propagation materials full of human eye cuts and comparison of two pictures – and of course, the picture from a business rival´s projector seems to be somehow a very ordinary one. Contrary to this reality, Epson produces simple facts. For example, the highest model EH-TW9100W has a 320 000 : 1 contrast and a unique wireless system that (not surprisingly) works in Full HD. This means that you have a fixed projector that matches the sound system on your own cinema and when a friend who wants to show you pictures or holiday video on his notebook comes over, you simply rent him a small box with transmitter. Immediately, you can see all of it on the big screen without any need to search for the right cable and trying to figure out what to do next.




Moreover, you will certainly appreciate the image geometry options as they are way bigger than most of the other brands offer. For example, the horizontal lensshift is a real wonder! Finally, there is an option to set the projector aside from the axis of the image to the right or left – this is actually requested very often by many architects. These functions are common for low-end brands where the perfection of an image is not so important but you hardly find them when talking about the high-end ones. After you realize how simple it is to built this machine into any furniture or ceiling because of its ventilations elements on the front panel, it is clear that you can’t go wrong with Epson. A 3D image is a must and you will receive one set of glasses for free. It is a worldwide know Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative set that is compatible with your 3D TV as well. There are two other lower models in this Epson line and although they miss some functions, you will enjoy the same projection pleasure with them as well. Simply, you will find the right one even if you do not need all the advantages this top model offers.



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