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Hugh Laurie: Didn´t It Rain

There is plenty of actors who like to play music only as a hobby – and no wonder the results looks like that. However, Hugh Laurie – Dr. House if you like, really knows how to play blues.


Hugh Laurie: Didn´t It Rain
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013

If a blues love story from New Orleans that happened two years ago was just a fun in film series Dr. House, it will certainly surprise you now as the quality of the performance remind oneself of the American jazz and blues tradition. Hugh Laurie is not a hopeless story teller or a piano player. The previous album from 2011 called Let Them Talk was full of famous names – lots of Norah Jones, Tom Jones or DR John certainly did improve the album’s credit. However, this time there are new names and it all sounds more alive. The advantage of all of them, including Laurie is, a vocal resistance thanks to which the album does not sound like a family session of a Hollywood millionaire but like a real blues power band. Gaby Moreno from Guatemala or McLain

present their catchy evangelium full of explosive dynamite, Laurie´s duet with Moreno in Kiss Of Fire keeps an unrestrained lust. The band consist of Kevin Breit & Greg Leisz (guitars), Jay Bellerose (drums), David Pitch (bass guitar), Vincent Henry, Robby Marschall, Elizabeth Lea (wind instruments), Patrick Warren a Larry Goldings (keyboards)  and they really rock! This medieval original blues certainly has balls.







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