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Jamiroquai: Emergency On Planet Earth

In times when grunge suppressed the middle stream, the first work of Jamiroquai called Emergency On Planet Earth seemed like a bolt from the blue. A remastered edition of the famous debut is just being released.


Jamiroquai: Emergency On Planet Earth
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Sony UK

Some people may pull a face – the frontman Jay Kay has never been more than a formica imitation of Stevie Wonder! But in times when the industrial pop almost left the scene Jamiroquai seemed to be a nice jazz and world music alternative to the 90s. The premiere album Emergency On Planet Earth really does offer many timeless music elements, well done songs and perfectly clear sound. Jay Kay has not flirted with dance yet but it is really difficult to sit down when listening to the rhythmical songs performed especially by a bass guitarist Stuart Zender. Cheerful arranges mix with psychedelic atmosphere, fantastic guitar or trumpet solos are highlights of the album; epic songs with hymnic context and decent synthesizers without any refrains were brand new article in those times. Colorful songs have simple though catchy style and they are easy to remember as well. This definitely is the best funky album ever.






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