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Linn Kandid – the best cartridge of all times

Linn introduces a brand new solution to the gramophone world. This time it is about a gramophone cartridge titled Linn Kandid.  

Finally, the words of Linn managers came true – this model really may be the so far best by Linn. Moreover, it may be the best playing gramophone cartridge since Sondek LP12. And as Sondek LP12 still rules, these arguments are really strong ones. On the first side, you will notice the mechanism is all naked.  When developing Kandid, his creators tried to improve parametres of his predecessor – an already amazing Akiva. They wanted to reduce resonance, lower distortion and increase output.


Kandid has no cover and the body of the inset is plastic, not an iron one.  Therefore, thanks to no interferences the quality of sound has improved. However, this is not  the only thing Linn has changed in comparison to the previous model.  There is also a new geometry of  the needle and the magnet. Kandid is a perfect partner to Linn Ekos SE and a flagship of the whole Linn series.


Kandid – an interview with David Williamson from Linn on Vimeo.

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